OsmosCoin is an Ethereum token that powers many of the applications in the Corvus ecosystem. Learn more


We help connect small business owners and entrepreneurs with innovative software tools

Our software applications power well-known brands around the world

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Advancing collaborative productivity via blockchain technology

OsmosCoin (OS) is an Ethereum token that powers many of our software applications. Although most desktop applications and mobile apps we offer require paid membership via Credit card or PayPal, some apps allow users to access certain features via tokens.

Delivering precision via blockchain

What is OsmosCoin?

Built on the robust Ethereum network, and launched in 2021, the Native Corvus token is meant to be a store-of-value digital asset. Value that can be realized via transactions on our network of applications or exchanged for other ETH-based tokens.

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We launched our native token with a supply of 10,000,000.000 tokens. We have no plans to mint any more tokens and we will periodically burn vast amounts of our supply until we have 100,000,000 in circulation. Furthermore, we did not raise outside funds for any of our projects. All projects are funded with positive cashflow from our current operations.

Interested in purchasing OsmosCoins tokens?

Explore options to purchase our Native token on Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.